Woof Tracks Photography - Equine and Dog Imagery | Sessions

Scheduling a Session

Sessions are crafted individually for each client to create one-of-a-kind

equine or pet imagery that will meet your highest expectations.  

Concept Meeting

Prior to scheduling your portrait session, we will meet in my studio (coffee, tea, espresso drinks, sodas, etc., provided) so that I can learn more about you and what you are envisioning for your session. During this meeting, I hope not only to learn more about you and the characterstics of your horse, dog, bird, cat or other treasured pet that will be involved in the session, but also to glean what you want your images to look like as far as mood, texture, color, tones, vibrancy  and atmosphere. We will also discuss what you want to do ultimately with your images, where and how you want to display them, and how we can work towards producing lasting art that is not too big or too small but is appropiately sized for you wall location.

All this is important as it sets up not only how the session is designed and/or the location selected, but also how I plan on shooting the actual images: if I need to gear for large panoramics, frame for square shapes, shoot for a "day in the life" of your horse or pet, or perhaps photograph specifically for a custom-designed album of images. 

At your concept meeting, you will be given a copy of our studio's exclusive custom, dimension chart, so that you can better estimate sizes and configurations of wall art in your home, a "how-to" for photographing potential wall art locations in your home, a "Preparing Your Horse/Dog" guideline for the session, a session reminder card for your session and your follow up viewing appointment, as well as an up-to-date price menu and product information sheet that we think you'll find helpful. Also in your packet will be a contract with all your session details. 

Please note: Session Date and Time are not guaranteed until the session retainer is paid in full.

My studio offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and it is my sincerest goal with every session to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.


Sessions can be in-studio (for all pets except horses) or on-location, as well as destination locations.  

Session types include:

  • Classic portrait images,
  • Whimsical portraits,
  • Action imagery,
  • Fine art/Composite images,
  • Horse/Pet and owner portraits

(Fine [human] portraits are also a studio specialty; click here for more information about Joan H Walker Photography.)

Editing & Viewing Images

Within approximately two weeks of your session date, your photographer's choice images will be available for an in-person, viewing and ordering appointment at the studio (700 Arendell St., #14, Morehead City), where you will make your selections, and determine sizing and framing.   Viewing your images, answering specific art product and dimension questions, and putting together your final order takes approximately one to one and a half hours  Please know that we will not be rushing you and that we will be scheduling you for the appropriate amount of time.  So please relax, take your time, and ask questions.  This is one reason why we present the images in person and not online.


We require that clients place their orders with us at the end of the in person image viewing session, as we do not post online galleries of image proofs. Payment for the order will be collected at the ordering session with delivery of the art pieces within 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of piece ordered and the design work necessary.  We accept cash, personal checks and credit cards and we can arrange personal payment plans as well, so please don't hesitate to ask.  

To schedule a session, or to meet with the studio for an obligation-free creatives meeting, please call the studio or contact us HERE