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Meet Tiberius.  Tiberius is a Belgian Malinois. The Malinois dates back to the 1800s where it was one of four different types of Belgian Shepherd (Malinois, Laekenois, Groenendael, and Tervuren). The Malinois is also referred to as a short-coated Belgian Shepherd. It was bred as a versatile herding and farm dog in, you probably guessed it, Belgium. In 1908, five Belgian Malinois joined the NYC Police department.  

The Malinois is used today in a variety of working positions in both military and police forces, as well as many federal agencies, such as Border Patrol, TSA, etc.  For the civilian, the Malinois makes a keen Search and Rescue dog and an ultra-competitive performance dog. 

The Belgian Malinois is not for the novice owner; however, Tiberius' owner is a former 20+ year military dog handler and has the perfect touch of leadership skills and and training finesse that make these two a fantastic dog-handler pairing.

I met Tiberius and his owner, Donna, through a Halloween fundraiser I held last year for the Sheriff Bob McCabe Foundation. (I'll show you that image, too, at the very bottom. LOL)

I don't think I've met a more intense-looking dog than Tiberius.  But, he was a big gentle, calm guy in the studio, which made photographing him even more fun.

Tiberius on brown headshot 1Tiberius on brown headshot 1

Tiberius on brown headshot 2Tiberius on brown headshot 2

This is his series of images on brown... Tiberius on brown portraitTiberius on brown portrait Tiberius on brown sittingTiberius on brown sitting

Then we did some images on white...

Tiberius on white lying down headshotTiberius on white lying down headshot Tiberius on white lying downTiberius on white lying down Tiberius on white PortraitTiberius on white Portrait

Because his owner is a Navy veteran, we did make him suffer through a few patriotic images.

Tiberius patriotic lying downTiberius patriotic lying down Tiberius patriotic sit with bowtieTiberius patriotic sit with bowtie Tiberius patriotic sitting up with collarTiberius patriotic sitting up with collar

I also wanted to photograph him on black, which is a bit trickier lighting because i didn't want to loose the dark, black muzzle he has and yet I wanted to have some differentiation between his black muzzle and the background.  See what you think.

Tiberius on black lying down 1Tiberius on black lying down 1 Tiberius on black lying down 2Tiberius on black lying down 2 Tiberius on black portrait horizontalTiberius on black portrait horizontal Tiberius on black portraitTiberius on black portrait

And of course, a few with his "mom," Donna.  It is obvious when working with these two how much Tiberius not only adores his human, but also how much he wants to please her.  For the owner of a working dog, a joyous, enthusiastic partnership with your dog is truly what everyone dreams of.

Tiberius on black with Donna 2Tiberius on black with Donna 2

Tiberius on black with Donna 3Tiberius on black with Donna 3 And here is his Halloween image. :)

For more information on the Belgian Malinois, visit the American Belgian Malinois Club HERE.

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